2017 Yelland & Papps Second Take Rousanne

This is such a cool wine.  Another of the Yelland & Papps range that really gets my mouth watering in anticipation when I know it’s on its way to my home.  It’s certainly not your normal Rousanne of course but it’s definitely generating interest in wine drinkers.

With first pour the colour was cloudy but nothing like the second pour after I gave the bottle a bit of a twist and shake.  It looked like home-made ginger beer.  That was where the ‘cool’ factor came into effect for me.  Take in the aromas and you’ll find it’s citrusy but also a bit spicy.  Sensory excitement for my eyes and nose setting up the taste buds for the best part.

Those citrusy characters are on the palate too with great texture and some acidic zing, zip and liveliness adding pretty good length to it plus, there’s that subtle spiciness again.  You can taste the personality in this wine.  Loved it!


Region: Barossa Valley, SA     Price: $40     Source: Sample

Y&P 2nd Take Roussanne

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