2017 Robert Stein SRG (Semillon, Riesling, Gewürztraminer)

I love interesting varieties when it comes to wines and there are a few starting to poke their heads up around the country.  However, there are also some interesting blends starting to show up around the traps as well.

This one is not necessarily new.  It’s a bit of take on a blend that was introduced about 40 years ago thanks to (winemaker) Jacob Stein’s grandfather.  Jacob has added 17% Gewürztraminer to the original Semillon/Riesling blend and come up with a floral, flavoursome and fun-time wine.

It’s clean and pristine looking in the glass and gee the aromatics are good!  It smells deliciously citrusy and floral and so inviting! (last exclamation mark, promise).

As much as there are still some citrus notes (lemons/limes) when you taste this, they have been beautifully wrapped in a skin of texture that sits very nicely on the palate and hangs there for a while.  The gewürztraminer does make its presence known but more in the ‘musk’ vein as opposed to turkish delight/rose petal way.

Bearing in mind, this was fermented wild and left on skins for four days plus finishing fermentation on heavy lees.  You would expect quite a bit of texture and weight, which it has, but thanks to some obviously great fruit, everything has balanced out perfectly.


Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $18     Source: Sample thanks to Robert Stein and Define Wine

Rob Stein SRG


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