Yalumba Y Series Riesling

Riesling.  A variety I am happy to pay good money for.  I don’t mind paying less money either when I hear and read good things about it, supported by my knowledge of it.  This particular one has always been a favourite, always been very well made, always at a bargain basement price and always easily found.   I don’t think there is a box it doesn’t tick!

It’s all Riesling from head to toe.  Florals and a citrusy nose lead the way and it’s such that you expect a touch of residual sugar on the palate but, stand by.

Fresh and fruity in this zone but with limey acidity and…dry!  Yep.  Perfect in my eyes.  I would love to know how they do it for the RRP.  Ka-Ching!!



Region: Barossa & Eden Valley     Price: $15 (I paid $11)     Source: Retail purchase

Y Series Riesling

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