2016 Hoddles Creek Yarra Valley Chardonnay

The talk around town is that Riesling seems not to be getting the attention it deserves.  I think I read where it was referred to as the ‘noble white grape’…which is fine,  I get that and I like it a lot.  However, I think there needs to be a platform for other varieties to slide alongside those dubbed a ‘noble white grape’.  This Hoddles Creek Chardonnay presses this point even more so.

Fresh and lively it awakens you with the immediate, tell-tale and recognisable Chardonnay aroma and it doesn’t go away in a hurry.  This caused a pause before I tasted it because I wanted to take it all in, and so should you.

There was even more enjoyment when I tasted, or should I say started drinking this wine.  It simply gave everything in spades and, when you consider the price, it is truly astonishing.

The often used and ideal descriptor is stone fruit.  Throw in flinty, minerally and textural, even almondy (I know that’s not a word) and it got me thinking how it has some complexity too.  The acidity sat perfectly with this wine and it threw me a bit.  It made me wonder if it was built to tuck in and enjoy or be patient and let it show more of what it obviously has to offer.  Nicely done Franco d’Anna.  I’ll leave the other 4 bottles I have to answer that question over time.


Region: Yarra Valley, Vic.     Price: $22     Source: Online purchase.



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