2016 Domaine Dawnelle Pinot d’Or

This would have to be one of the most difficult reviews I have written.  Not because I don’t like the wine, because I definitely do like the wine.  It’s because it is a wine of many facets, features and personalities and because of this, it is mighty intriguing to say the least.  And I mean that in a good way.  Let me explain.

First off, it’s a Pinot Noir made like a white wine (you’re interested already aren’t you).  The grapes (whole bunches) are gently pressed so as to impart as little of the pinot skin pigmentation as possible into the juice.  Then it is immediately placed into barrel where it undergoes wild fermentation and subsequent malolactic fermentation then allowed to sit on its lees before hand bottling without filtration.

It has a lovely golden, light coppery colour.  The nose is a little bit wild, a little bit funky but, and here’s that word again, intriguing.

Tasting this wine is where the fun and fascination begins and never ends.  When cold, it has a gentle spritz that dissipated as the wine warmed up.

When it did segue gently into a warmer zone, baked apple, a hint of orange and spice, there’s some lemon there too adding a nice tang and a mouth coating texture that reminded me of slippery pear skin.  Weight and length are also not a problem with this wine.

What if I said you can treat it like a white wine or a red wine?  I’m not kidding.  Put it in the fridge and drink it with chicken ceasar salad at lunch time or drink it like a regular pinot noir and pair it with a mushroom risotto.

My opinion only of course, but the ‘not so cooler’ version of this wine was my personal preference.  That’s the thing about this wine.  It’s adaptability and versatility will broaden its appeal to many a wine drinker.  Go on, give it a go!!


Region:  Southern Tasmania     Price: $60     Source: Sample


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1 Response to 2016 Domaine Dawnelle Pinot d’Or

  1. As difficult a review to write, this may have been, but the decision to purchase, difficult it was not. This was our last tasting in Hobart almost a year ago and that tasting, which still lingers to this day, earned it a berth in the suitcase and wine rack. And as time passes, it is never forgotten. In fact, just last weekend we had opportunity to try an inspiring translucent Blanc de Noir, a Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier blend. It reminded us, there is a treasure in the rack awaiting opening day. Well written Tony and thank you for the tips. Cheers, Karen and Bob

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