2017 Jim Barry Wines Watervale Riesling

I have never known movies to be released the same year they were made.

Thankfully, prisoners rarely get released the same year they are sentenced for a serious crime.

If there is one thing I am more than happy to be available the year it is released it is Riesling, and I have this one to thank.

There are always ‘components’ talked about when it comes to the early release of Riesling but it is the acid that cops it from all angles.  It should not happen on this occasion.

Aromas.  Lemons, limes and floral.  Same on the palate but add texture, mouthfeel, pleasure, drinkability and a great price.  A hint of residual sugar puts this gem in the ideal location for the Riesling critics to take a step back and revisit the variety.

Everything seems to work in conjunction with each other with this wine almost like they had a game plan for the world of wine.  It’s hit the mark perfectly as far as I’m concerned.

I like this a lot!


Region: Clare Valley     Price: $20     Source: Retail Purchase



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