2015 Rockliffe Third Reef Riesling

I don’t know about you but when someone says they are not a fan of white wine, open a box, hand you a bottle of wine and say, “here, have this.  I reckon you’ll like it”, there is always going to be an element of doubt.  Almost like one of those ‘re-gifting’ moments.

This is one of those ‘re-gifting’ winner moments!

Classed as cool climate, the Great Southern is always going to produce excellent Riesling and this is no exception.

The brown bottle was not the ideal packaging to show off the lovely clean looking pale green colour this wine has.  The nose is pretty lively showing typical cool climate characteristics but more so on the lime side rather than lemon, and a spring blossom aroma is icing on the olfactory cake.

Flavours are the same with a nice touch of residual sugar to balance that citrusy acid.  I detected a slight hint of development to it though it did provide a nice dimension to the wine.

This is a new label for me and I must say, it’s impressive.


Region: Great Southern, WA     Price: $28     Source: Gift


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