2016 Ridgemill Estate Riesling

The reaction from my mates to me pouring them a Queensland wine is interesting but, when I poured them this Riesling from the sunshine state it was with a certain level of trepidation from them.  They were not particularly enthusiastic but I could tell they were mighty curious.

Lovely floral nose that exudes citrus fruits. Lemons and limes tickle the sinuses but a hint of sweetness shows itself.  Similar on the palate but, with an added touch of crunchy apple acidity, there is no sweetness to speak of (dare I say, thankfully).  While it doesn’t hang on the palate, it fills out on the finish with a subtle dryness that I really liked. (One fella said, “It’s so deliciously cool climate, yum!”).

A hint.  Don’t underestimate the Granite Belt when it comes to cool climate varieties.


Region: Granite Belt, Queensland     Price: $26     Source: Sample



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