2016 Yelland & Papps Vermentino

Some people may think it weird that sometimes, and probably more often than not, when I’ve finished a big day in the garden, or like on this occasion, completed some demolition work, I make a b-line for a white wine.  Not beer or water (god forbid) but a cool, tasty white wine and this one fitted the bill perfectly.

Quite aromatic thanks to it’s youth but it was in the drinking that it proved it’s worth.  The freshness and juiciness was a welcome relief, and the lively flavours of citrus fruits, almonds and a little hint of spice provided an ideal epilogue.

A hard earned thirst needs a nice cold wine.  And the best cold wine is Vermentino.  Yelland & Papps Vermentino.


Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $25     Source: Sample


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