2014 Grey Sands Pinot Gris

There are pinot gris’ and then there is Grey Sands Pinot Gris.

I can’t remember where I heard it but, I was told Pinot Gris is the red drinkers white.  The reason for this was because of the richness, mouthfeel and alcohol level of the wine.  This fits the bill but without that alcohol level.

What I would also like to point out is, I served this, with a couple of other wines, to a couple of mates of mine who, to say the least, know their wine, but didn’t tell them anything about any of the wines.  Their response, “that is quality wine”, “my pick of the wines this afternoon.”  When I revealed the wine, they were not surprised.  Honestly.

My opinion only of course but don’t expect the usual ‘pear’ characteristics with this Gris. They’ve been left on the bench.  It’s very aromatic but softly so.  This may not make sense but you’ll understand when you smell it.  The palate is where it wants to tell you it’s all quality with some humility but it shouldn’t be so.  It should shout about it’s star quality. Full bodied but unobtrusive, rich flavours but so approachable and balanced.  Another great Pinot Gris from Bob & Rita.


Region: Glengarry, Tasmania    Price: $45     Source: Sample



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