2016 Hentley Farms Eden Valley Riesling

I am a sucker for Riesling that’s no secret.  You’d be hard pressed to find me bagging out one…ever!  I live in Tasmania so I am lucky to have access to some damn good gear.  That’s not to say I’m not open to trying those from other regions.

Eden Valley is no doubt, unquestionably, a prime Riesling growing region.  Producing some exquisite wines from this variety.  This example deserves to be amongst them too.

It tells me it’s from a cooler climate thanks to the lemon/lime nose and palate but there is an extra textural feeling to it that I’m loving!  Yes there is that ‘young Riesling’ acid hit and grapefruity tang on the finish but it is in context with the rest of the wine and that’s how it was treated and tasted.  I feel like I’m committing the crime of Infanticide drinking it so young.  Nonetheless, there is plenty of potential with this young’un.


Region: Eden Valley     Price: $24.50     Source: Sample


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