2013 Barwang Hilltops Shiraz

When I see lots of bling on a cheap wine, there is a couple of things that cross my mind. The first, this could be a bloody good wine at a stupid price.  The other, well, that’s it really because, nobody enters a bad wine in ANY wine show!

To me, this is the type of wine that is like the ‘everybody knows the name but don’t know just how good it is’ individual in the crowd.

To be so intense for the price is mind blowing!  Sooooo much has been stuffed into this wine it’s amazing…seriously!  Juicy black fruits galore with a youthful purplish tinge and some plummy flavours chiming in mid palate.  I have to admit, I expected some sweet fruit characters but there’s more of a savoury note to it which sits parallel with everything else and it is so very smooth on the finish!

This is a WOW factor wine for me, especially for the price and by that I mean the normal RRP!  I bought this at a ridiculously low price of (cone of silence) $10!

Region: Hilltops, N.S.W.     Price: $22     Source: Retail purchase


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