2013 Montara Grampians Gold Rush Shiraz

Grampians Shiraz.  It really doesn’t get enough exposure and I certainly haven’t seen much of it here in Hobart.  I have to admit, I was not familiar with Montara wines but, after trying this example, that simply has to change.

First up, the label is not exactly eye catching but, if people give the contents of the bottle a chance, the label becomes a moot point because it deserves some attention.

On the nose I expected it to be red fruits but they seemed a bit darker than that and gee it’s got some nice spiciness to it.  Not overpowering at all just complementary and that’s what it’s like when you drink it too.  Another upside is how juicy it is and the mid palate is afforded some ‘me’ time which is where I get (maybe strangely but a good thing) some plumminess.

The good thing about this wine is, to get some, you don’t have to go ‘panning’ for it at every bottleshop or restaurant.  Get onto the Montara website and do it the easy way.


Region: Grampians, Victoria     Price: $25     Source: Wine Show Purchase


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