2014 Teusner Riebke Grenache

I have written previously about how Grenache seems to have been buggered around with for a number of years until the smart growers and winemakers knew just how to treat it respectfully.  Teusner are clearly amongst that group.

This one let’s you know it means business right from the start.  Skip the aromas and go right to the taste.

If this was tasted blind you’d be forgiven for thinking it was from Heathcote or Grampians because it is a delicious medium bodied wine with all those (mainly) red berries, juicy dark cherries and spicy/peppery characters.

I have to say, this Riebke Grenache took me from nought to 100 in 60 seconds.  Lots of upfront flavour straight off the bat.  Don’t panic though.  It levels out to cruise mode and continues at that level.  Even to the point where there is no need to strap yourself in.  You feel so comfortable with this wine, seat belts are optional for the entire journey.


Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $27     Source: Sample


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