2013 Grey Sands Shiraz

How many Tasmanians have become Prime Minister of Australia?  I’ve no doubt most of you would have no idea.  If I asked, how many times a Tasmanian Shiraz has won the Jimmy Watson Trophy, everyone would know.  The answer for both questions is exactly the same.  One.

Regardless of the award, I realise that Tasmania will never be as well known for it’s Shiraz as other regions of this great continent but, climate change and all that goes with it could well change the thinking of many.  Even with all these considerations, this Shiraz may change many a view on Tasmania as a Shiraz region.

The first thing that captures you about this wine is the beautiful deep colour.  Take a whiff, have a sip and indulge yourself in the juicy blue fruits, plums and black pepper flavours, all wrapped in a ball of youthful exuberance that just seems to glide into the lovely, smooth, elegant finish.  It paired perfectly with a piece of scotch fillet steak that did not need any sauce thanks to the peppery character of the wine.  How lucky am I?!

Region: Glengarry, Northern Tasmania     Price: $45     Source: Sample



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