2015 Main & Cherry Sangiovese

I know it seems like I drink a lot of Main & Cherry  wines.  Well, as a matter of fact, I do.  To not put too finer point on it, they are well made, easy to drink and both my wife and I like them.  It’s that simple really and nobody I know buys or drinks wines they don’t like.

Open, smell and taste this wine and you will get full on, in your face, but lovely fruit…of course.  It’s a young wine.  Give this wine some time to come out of it’s shell and it reveals itself to be typically Sangiovese.  Savoury, a touch acidic and some herbs sprinkled in there too and it embraces food like a long lost friend.

When it’s had the time to relax it is such an easy, congenial, laid back style of wine you can’t help but want to introduce it to friends and foe alike.  Not that I have any ‘foe’ but, in my job, if I was able to take this wine (or any other Main & Cherry wine for that matter) to certain situations, I’d come away knowing everybody’s happy  and I’d have no paperwork to do.

It’s a lovely, juicy, ‘may I have some more please’ type of wine.  Snap it up folks!

Region: Adelaide Hills     Price: $25     Source: Gift




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3 Responses to 2015 Main & Cherry Sangiovese

  1. Steve says:

    Well written TP. Did you get that minty character we discussed?


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