2013 S C Pannell Adelaide Hills Syrah


I tried find out what the middle initial stands for in S C Pannell but I lucked out.  I’m going to say, Collector.  Collector of awards.

The fact his wine won the 2014 JWT and in 2015 he was named Australian Winemaker of the Year and McLaren Vale Bushing King (and this is just the very recent stuff).

The reason actors are awarded an Oscar is because they are good at their craft.  The reason wines win the Jimmy Watson Trophy is because they have been well crafted.

This wine did not win the Jimmy Watson Trophy (JWT) just by fluttering it’s eye lids and showing a Colgate smile.  It did so because it was crafted by a genius wine maker.

Red and black fruits to begin with then some subtle-ish spices cutting in which seems to lift the whole wine giving it a three dimensional aspect (that’s how I see it) and the tannins slide on in towards the end adding dimension 3.5 to the beauty that is this wine.

If you have ever been to a ballet, you’ll agree with me that this wine is like a ballerina; so light on it’s feet, graceful, elegant but, in full flight, is powerful and striking with poise, precision and balance.

Sadly, its no longer available at cellar door but the 2014 is, and from what I’ve read online, is very special indeed.

Region: Adelaide Hills     Cost: $30     Source: Cellar Door Purchase



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