2014 Main and Cherry Tempranillo

It may seem strange to some but, when I’m looking for something to drink on a ‘school night’, I always look for something that is easy to drink but also a damn good wine.  That wine needs to go with the food we are eating because, we don’t just drink during the week for the sake of it.  We always pick a wine to enjoy with dinner.  This fitted the bill perfectly.

Firstly, the colour is bloody amazing.  It’s deep in the guts of it but lovely and bright around the edges.  The nose offers heaps too.  Spicy  dark cherries, a sprinkle of red fruits and boy does it smell clean!  That seems strange but, find a bottle, pour it into a glass and you’ll know exactly what I mean…seriously.

Flavours abound in this wine.  It borders on full body but seems so subtle and approachable when drinking it.  The fruit is a little more dark and brooding and it is so smooth that you wonder if the tannins have gone AWOL.  Don’t get me wrong, they are there but, they are doing the ‘give it some length’ job oh so perfectly.

You know what, as much as this went particularly well with tonight’s dinner, I reckon you could eat a (snack size) cherry ripe with this wine after your main feed and it would hit all of your taste sensations in one go.

Thoroughly enjoyed this wine and Michael Sexton has done an amazing job yet again. Cheers!


Region: Adelaide Hills     Price: $25     Source:  Swap


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