2013 Grey Sands Byzantine

Surely you have been in a bottle shop or restaurant and you see a wine that attracts your attention for one reason or another.  ‘Byzantine’ on a wine bottle would definitely attract your attention.

To make things a little easier for everyone, let’s for a minute or two pretend that Byzantine means a blend of Chardonnay, Viognier and Malvasia.  Now, if you have no idea what Malvasia is, you are not alone.  No it’s not slang for a Malvern Star bicycle built in Asia.  It is a vine that has Greek origins that has spread around the Mediterranean area.

This wine dares to be different in many ways because, for a white wine, it gives you plenty.  Not only in flavour but to think about as well.

It will surprise many because the colour belies the richness.  To look at it you wouldn’t think it borders on full bodied.  It is massively textural and everything adds to the long, long flavour that just stays with you.

I can remember when Pinot Gris was dubbed the red drinkers white.  This wine will take over that mantle don’t you worry about that.  A delicious wine indeed.

Region: Northern Tasmania     Price: $40     Source: Sample



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