2012 Tahbilk Old Vines Cabernet Shiraz

Tahbilk (originally known as Chateau Tahbilk) is a founding member of Australia’s First Families of Wine.  The Purbrick family purchased the property in 1925 and it already had shiraz vines which were planted in 1860.  They also have Marsanne vines which were planted in 1927.

They continue to use traditional wine making methods that have pretty much been the same since 1860.  Their wines are very approachable in their youth but have exceptional ageing capabilities.

I have a small amount of Tahbilk wines in my collection but I must admit to not purchasing any for a while.  I think the youngest one I have at the moment is a 2002 Cabernet so we were very lucky that friends visiting from Melbourne (who are big fans of Tahbilk) brought this with them on the weekend.

This is a generous medium to full bodied wine. Generous with its black fruit aromas on the nose and palate with a blanket of spicy plum over the mid palate.  The black fruits contain the soft tannins right through to the long finish.  It was like this wine was hang-gliding its way around your mouth and tongue before the generosity of this wine eventually fades away and you ease back to earth.  Put it on your ‘must try’ list.

Region: Nagambie, Victoria     Price $45     Source: Generous Friends




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