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2018 McLean Bay Pinot Noir

If you didn’t know, our newly elected Premier is Peter Gutwein.  Pretty much all of us down here in Tassie pronounce it as Gutt-wen.  As it turns out, and how cool is this, in German it means ‘Good Wine’!  Considering … Continue reading

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2019 Serere Beechworth Shiraz Viognier

My wife and I are searching the market for a good SUV.  What I didn’t realise until we started looking was, there’s a plethora of them to choose from.  It’s like every single motor vehicle manufacturer has one in their … Continue reading

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2019 Glen Garvald (by Levantine Hill) Merlbec

Merlot and Malbec together, in a bottle, under a screwcap, would have to be a rare occurrence surely?  Normally they form part of the famous Bordeaux blend quintet with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.  Could you imagine Angus … Continue reading

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2017 Huntington Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Many, many years ago, I had to complete a training course as part of being accepted into my current vocation.  It was a mixed bunch of people in ages, life experience, skill sets and attitudes.  The one thing we all … Continue reading

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Brand & Sons Coonawarra Untold Range

Have you ever played poker?  Did you know one of the most prized hands you could be dealt is four of a kind?  Speaking of four of a kind, have you ever looked closely at the four Kings in a … Continue reading

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2014 Brand & Sons CBD Coonawarra Single Vineyard Shiraz

Most people would know the term CBD as an acronym for the Central Business District of a capital city.  If you have ever been in the CBD, you would know it is a hive of activity pretty much from dawn … Continue reading

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2019 Glen Garvald (by Levantine Hill) Marsanne Rousanne

Marsanne Rousanne.  Those two words would fit perfectly for the name of a French artist don’t you think?  Imagine this if you will; the art would use subtle shades, bold colours and different textures to highlight the finite detail of … Continue reading

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Patina Orange Region Chardonnay Releases

Summer may have left us 47 days ago but, even down here in Tassie, we have been experiencing some (not all) beautiful warm and sunny days.  It’s almost like Autumn wasn’t ready to step in and asked Summer to hang … Continue reading

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2017 Huntington Estate Tim Stevens Signature Shiraz

I was listening to a podcast recently of the world’s first female roadie, Aussie Tana Douglas.  Fascinating lady.  She spent time with many famous bands and musicians but what stuck in my head was when she spoke about AC/DC, but … Continue reading

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2020 Robert Stein White Label Riesling

Smoke free zones.  They are everywhere these days.  They have even made the CBD of Hobart a smoke free zone.  Good thing too. How good (and lucky) is it that Robert Stein wines have their own little smoke free zone … Continue reading

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