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2016 Grey Sands The Mattock

Taking nothing away from the big wine producers and their expansive cellar doors, I do enjoy visiting the smaller wineries and their cellar doors that could be a converted barn, former homestead or something as simple as a trestle table … Continue reading

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Clandestine Wines 2022 Rosé Releases

I didn’t realise just how long the Rosé style of wine has been around. Apparently, it all started way back in the B.C. times when, in southern France, they blended white and red grapes, and produced a ‘pleasant’ pink wine … Continue reading

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2018 Grey Sands Romanesque

It is really difficult to have favourites when it comes to the Grey Sands wines.  As soon as you try one of their wines you may think, “This is my favourite.” But tasting another one of their wines, that thought … Continue reading

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2022 Castle Rock Estate Riesling Releases

I have briefly mentioned before that I was a hopeless social poker player (I haven’t played for many years). The reason being, I just can’t hide my emotions or keep a straight face. When I was pleased with the cards … Continue reading

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2021 Castle Rock Estate Pinot Noir

I was listening to the radio recently and the hosts were talking about the recently announced weather forecast which followed the news bulletin (the weather always seems to be at the end). One of the hosts mentioned how they always … Continue reading

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2022 Huntington Estate Nouveau (Grenache Pinot Noir Shiraz)

I have a mate I don’t see as often as I used to.  Almost every time he sees me, he asks, “What’ve you been drinking lately Mr Peters?” in his baritone like voice.  I start reeling off some wines I’ve tried … Continue reading

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Clandestine Wines 2022 ‘Break Free’ Wines

Where I live, there is a spot that has been named Duck Park.  For fear of stating the bleeding obvious, it is all to do with the number of ducks that congregate in the area.  I can only assume they … Continue reading

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2022 Clandestine Wines ‘Break Free’ Bliss Bomb

For some time, Pet Nat wines were, well I don’t know how else to put it, Pet Not wines for me.  With so many now in the market, it was only a matter of time before I would taste one, … Continue reading

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2017 Levantine Hill Colleen’s Paddock Pinot Noir

The Cypress Pine has some amazing qualities.  It is decay proof and is resistant to termites so maintains its structural integrity.  Something that is very handy in certain climates in Australia.  Being a pine, it is aromatic, light, soft and … Continue reading

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2018 Levantine Hill Katherine’s Paddock Chardonnay

I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Bicheno Blowhole on the east coast of Tasmania.  It’s a section of the coast where a part of the granite coastline has been worn away underneath and the ocean has blown … Continue reading

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