Robert Stein 2022 Rieslings

As a kid, I can remember mucking about with the hose when the water would all of a sudden stop.  I don’t know why but, as a naïve young boy, I looked at the end of it.  It was not uncommon for one of my brothers to be watching from the tap and, as I did this, they would then turn the tap back on.  It is easy to imagine what the result of that stunt was.  Yep, a gush of cold water to the face causing me to quickly point the hose in a different direction and take a deep breath in.  On a warm summers day, that was definitely a welcome relief but initially it was a bit of shock to the system.

Trying these two wines caused a similar reaction but that was due to the cool, intense and refreshing impact they both had on my olfactory and taste senses. 

Robert Stein Website

Source: Sample courtesy of Robert Stein and Define Wine

2022 Dry Riesling

Riesling at its very best. It’s slightly floral on the nose but it’s the citrus aromas that get your mouth watering right from the get-go.  The palate is pure, fresh and full of life.  Juicy limes don’t hold back providing the intense yet refined flavour, the acidity crisp and graceful at the same time, the finish, so so long. It’s the type of wine that has you drawing in your cheeks to get every last bit from the inside of them so as to experience every last drop of it. This is such a lovely, lovely wine and has two gold medals around its neck already. Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $40

2022 Half Dry Riesling

What a wine to follow the dry Riesling!  I can’t begin to tell you how lucky I feel to have been given the opportunity to try these wines again. It has all the hallmarks and varietal characters you’d expect from a Riesling with citrus characters of lemons and limes, lemon sorbet, a slight textural feel and a great finish. It might have 15 grams of residual sugar but, due to the fine and focused acidity, this is one lovely balanced beauty. Loved it! Region: Orange, NSW Price: $50

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