2019 Carillion Origins ‘Feldspars’ Orange Region Shiraz

I can’t say that a piano accordion is one of my favourite instruments, but I can’t say I dislike it either.  If you’ve walked through small villages in some European countries, you hear them quite often and they blend in very well with everything else that is happening at a local market or town square.  To work properly the bellows are expanded and compressed causing air to go across the different reeds that produce different sounds, helped by pressing the keys on the keyboard.

Air can make quite a difference to a wine too.  Not that a wine can produce music, of course, but giving it some ‘air’ can certainly make the characteristics and components more harmonious.  I tasted this wine over a couple of days and, each time, gave it a good swirl in the glass.  My opinion only of course, but I think this wine is in the category of needing air, which tells me it has great cellaring potential.

An attractive, lovely and youthful deep purple colour in the glass. I really like the good berry fruit aromas lifting from the glass on pouring and it promises much.  There’s plenty of fruit flavours on the palate.  Dark plums and cherries, and red berries to the fore.  It has a savouriness and subtle oakiness, the tannins are fine, if a little drying, and it finishes on a pretty good length.  I do like this wine and I think you will too.  You just need to give it a chance by decanting it, giving it a damn good swirl in your glass or laying it down for a while.

Carillion Wines Website

Region: Orange Region, NSW     Price: $60     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Define Wine and Carillion Wines

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