2017 Huntington Estate Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

There is a certain charm to old buildings. I often wonder about the history that has soaked into their walls over time. However, it’s the ‘foundation stone’ upon which they were built, which is what really interests and fascinates me. Was it built on history, on integrity, on hard work, or a bit of all of those? Depending on what the building is currently being used for, I wonder if that same ‘foundation’ still exists in the company or institution that now occupies it? Sometimes it tends to get lost as time as go by, generations move on or ownership changes.

In 1969 Bob Roberts planted the Huntington Estate vineyard on a ‘foundation stone’ of “…making some of Australia’s best wine at affordable prices…” and “…make extraordinary wines of great flavour and interest…”  Since purchasing the property in 2006, Tim and Nicky Stevens have built on that ‘foundation stone’ by not only honouring the history of Huntington Estate and maintaining the integrity of the wines, but also hard work. I raise a glass of this Cabernet to them and their team.

It’s a lovely dark colour in the glass which, for many, would indicate a big red wine is about to bombard the senses of smell and taste.  Hold that thought. Generous aromas of dark berries with a little oak poking through and you can’t help but dive your nose back in.  Fruit purity and power are present on a delightfully medium bodied palate.  An abundance of all sorts of black fruits and berries provide the foundation with a little herbal note, a gentle oak influence and obvious but fine tannins adding to the structure as it finishes long and smooth.  Terrific!

Huntington Estate Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $50    Source: Samples thanks kindly to Huntington Estate

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