2016 Moorilla Estate Muse Cabernet Sauvignon

I can remember as a very young kid playing the game, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ You know, the one where someone is out the front with their back to a group who utter the words, “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”  The person out the front says a time like “3 o’clock” and the group take three steps towards ‘Mr Wolf’.  This continues until ‘Mr Wolf’ says, “It’s dinner time” and chases the group with the intention of catching one of them.

It wasn’t quite like that with this wine but, it was like it was playing a game with me.  Each time I put the glass down, turn around for a few minutes and went back to it, it revealed another of its dimensions, but instead of having to chase it, it wanted me to catch it, get to know it and experience it. 

It smells so divinely of cool climate Cabernet Sauvignon.  Lots of dark berry fruits with a hint of herbs and a chocolaty note.  The palate is showing black and red fruits of the currant type and there’s a ripe red cherry flesh feel to it too that seems to add a freshness and lift.  Now, while the oak is a little forward and the tannins a little drying, they fit in nicely with the fruit and tell me it still has some time ahead of it still.  This is no ‘Mr Wolf’ and there will definitely be no running from it, just towards it.

Moorilla Website

Region: Tasmania     Price: $44     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Moorilla Estate

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