2018 Huntington Estate Tim Stevens Signature Shiraz

I was listening to a podcast of a fellow who has, literally, mapped the human brain.  I won’t go into how he did it (it’s pretty gory) but, the result was such that he was able to see, apart from what the brain does as a matter of course, what certain sections of the brain actually do when stimulated.  We all know that particular chemicals are triggered in the brain and provide sensations, both nice and not so nice, depending on what we experience.  While tasting this wine, I have no doubt information would have been darting about alerting every section of my brain while it was being flooded with dopamine, the feel-good chemical (of course).

The colour and aromas of the wine as it sat in the glass was a definite message of things to come.  Denseness, richness and seriousness were evident.  Well, that’s not quite how things panned out on the palate.  Yes it was rich and dense but the ‘seriousness’ was perfectly replaced with two words, ‘elegance’ and ‘class’.  Terrific dark fruit intensity, smooth as silk as it coats the palate with the lush fruit and the oak is very nicely played indeed.  What a delight this wine was to smell, taste, drink and talk about.

Huntington Estate Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $100     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Huntington Estate

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