2016 Moorilla Estate Cloth Label White

Rainbows have been fairly common in my part of the world.  Just enough rain as the sun shines through a gap in the clouds to produce an arc of bright colours, none of which are as clearly defined as when drawn by a child.  The arc stopping in mid-air, not completing the semi-circle shape we have become so familiar with, preventing the prospect of finding that pot of gold at the end.

This wine is (usually) a blend of varieties that form a rainbow of aromas, flavours, characters and complexities.  There’s an abundance of flavour thanks to peaches, pears and apricots providing the main colours to the rainbow of flavour while a deft touch of citrus fruit like acidity give structure to the arc.  Additions of texture and presence, elegance and length, complete this very interesting, funky and thought-provoking wine.  There may not be a pot at the end of this rainbow but there is definitely ‘gold’ in the glass.

Moorilla Website

Region: Tasmania     Price: $75     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Moorilla Estate

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