2017 Levantine Hill Katherine’s Paddock Chardonnay

A small part of my morning walk takes in a track that winds through a bush area and overnight rain released an array of aromas from the eucalypts, wattles, native flowers and grasses. It was truly invigorating.  I decided to change my normal path home and walked through this area again, this time slower. I just wanted to take it all in again. It was like the air had been refreshed and renewed.

Pouring this wine in the glass had a similar effect in that it released an abundance of fresh, clean and captivating aromas. Pausing to take it all in before picking up the glass and swirling it.  This time it was like a tropical fruit forest.

Tasting the wine made the aromas more tangible, more real, giving a sense of actuality to the sensory arousal provided. Palate stimulation created a fascination in the flavours that coated and caressed every part of the mouth. This wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry either. It dawdles across the path of persistence and presence that seems like an enchanting eternity and you just have to take that walk again. An absolutely beautiful Chardonnay for all the senses.

Levantine Hill Website

Region: Yarra Valley, Victoria     Price: $125     Source: Generous Gift

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