2020 Clandestine Vineyards Malbec

You know when someone gets really excited about wanting to tell you something. They tend to talk flat out like there is only a set amount of time to tell you before it becomes old news. I tend to let them go for a bit before I suggest they calm down. It is usually after this they tend to revert back to speaking normally and make much more sense.

This Malbec is similar in a way.  Skipping past the colour and aromas (which are excellent by the way), it seemed a bit nervy, like it wanted to give me everything it had in the flavour department in the first couple or so tastes.  It was pretty full on and I used the words, “Woh” and “Crikey”. So, I gave it some time to calm down a bit, take in some air and gather some composure.  Sure enough, plush dark berry flavours presented along with a touch of plum-like mid-palate richness and it became much more affable, approachable and delicious.  Tannins aren’t shy on the finish but in a good, complimentary way.  I like this Malbec and I have no doubt it will attract many fans.


Region: Adelaide Hills, S.A. Price: $30     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Clandestine Vineyards and Savvy Comms 

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