2017 Grey Sands Shiraz Rosé

The colour of this Rosé got me thinking; how many different colours of the rose flower are there? I googled it (of course) and I was surprised to learn there are only 24 different colours (mind you, there are more than 2500 different varieties). And when you see Rosés in bottleshop fridges and on bottleshop shelves, there is an array of colours that probably total more than 24.

I’m pretty sure the colour of a Rosé is influenced by the grape variety it is made with, and there are many different varieties being used to make Rosés these days. I have my favourites and Shiraz is definitely in the top three.  Here is one that will grab your attention in any bottleshop for its striking colour alone. 

Speaking of colour, this one is so bright it just seems to glow in the bottle and glass. Even at four years of age, it’s still fresh on the nose with bright red fruits to the fore. Being a 100% Shiraz Rosé, those red fruits appear on the palate in a more juicy and generous way, but the wine remains in the Rosé category, if you get my drift, and there is a nice touch of refreshing acidity on the lovely, dry finish. Just how we like our Rosés.

I feel very lucky to have had the pleasure of trying this wine because, unfortunately, it has sold out. Mind you, I am not surprised. 

Grey Sands Website

Region: Glengarry, Tasmania     Price: $40     Source: A generous gift

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