Shanahans Wines 2019 Barossa Valley Shiraz Releases

One time, as part of my job, I had to do some door knocks (no, I’m not a Seventh Day Adventist or Mormon).  There was an address in the street that was a group of 10 stand-alone units all of which looked exactly the same. I’m guessing the same builder used the same floor plan for each one.  Anyway, long story short, when the door was opened, I could see just how different they were inside.  No two were the same.  Each of the occupants had made it their own.

These two wines have the words ‘Barossa Valley’ and ‘Shiraz’ on them and, yes, both were crafted by the same winemaker.  I have no doubt that, and no disrespect intended, the regular punter would see these as just a couple more Barossa Valley Shirazes.  What they need to do is look past the glass and the label, and look at what is under the screwcap.  They would see just how well winemaker, John Harris, has made these two wines, from Australia’s most famous Shiraz region, expressing their own individuality.

2019 ‘The Old Dog’ Shiraz

Glossy and inky in the glass, this looks like it has plenty of get up ‘n’ go.  The aromas give me that impression as well.  Fresh and juicy dark fruits leap from the glass.  This theme continues on the palate where there is plenty of flavour but without being too full bodied, if you know what I mean.  Dark berries galore, mid-palate plummy richness, a little spicy and savoury balanced by a slight sweet fruit like character too with a really smooth, long finish.  This is a lovely wine that I really enjoyed and great value too!

Price: $23 (A bargian)

The Old Dog Shiraz

2019 ‘Silence is Golden Shiraz

As with the previous wine, this looks great in the glass.  So youthful and vibrant in colour.  This is no shrinking violet on the nose let me tell you.  It’s pretty rich but not scary rich, more elegant rich, if you know what I mean.  There’s plenty of blue fruits and plums showing the way with just a hint of oak showing itself.  This is terrific on the palate!  A bold, bolt upright, chest out sort of wine yet approachable and generous at the same time.  It’s more ripe black fruits here with blackberries, blackcurrants and dark plums plus dark chocolate, liquorice and spice like notes.  It’s lovely, smooth and mouth-filling and has great persistence on the finish.  The pure elegance of this wine reminded me more of an Eden Valley or Adelaide Hills shiraz rather than Barossa Valley. 

Price: $30 (Also a bargain!)

Shanahans Wines Website

Region: Barossa Valley, SA     Source: Samples thanks kindly to Shanahans Wines

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