2014 Brand & Sons CBD Coonawarra Single Vineyard Shiraz

Most people would know the term CBD as an acronym for the Central Business District of a capital city.  If you have ever been in the CBD, you would know it is a hive of activity pretty much from dawn to dusk.  There is so much happening with a diversity of people going about their business, and cars, trucks and buses adding to the life of the city.  But, as the day fades into nightfall, things slow down and it takes on a totally different persona.  There is still activity but much more mellow, with an ‘easy’ feel about it.

I sense this wine was like a daytime CBD in its youth.  Plenty of things going on with the senses heightened by primary characters aplenty.  But as the sun slowly (and I mean slooooowly) starts to set on its youth, this wine has mellowed and everything has integrated beautifully while still maintaining a certain energy about it.

It’s a lovely deep, almost inky colour and looks great in the glass.  Plenty of dark fruits on the nose along with a herbal note.  As I alluded to earlier, the palate still has some energy to it thanks to blackberry, dark cherry and plum characters while sitting comfortably in the medium bodied spectrum.  Add to this just a touch of a herbal influence, the smooth and silky mouthfeel, and the terrific length, you have a delightful wine at seven years of age.  And, as much as I’m sure it will live longer, I think it is in the perfect spot for drinking now.

Winery Website: https://brandandsons.com.au/

Region: Coonawarra, SA     Price: $85     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Brand & Sons and https://savvycomms.ninja/

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