2020 Glen Garvald (by Levantine Hill) Rosé

What a terrific Rosé!  Loved it!  Buy some!  Simple as that.  End of review. 

Okay, so, I probably should expand on this a little to explain why I was so taken by it, and it wasn’t just me.  Everyone I poured a taste for thought the same.  The varieties involved in this collaboration are Grenache, Pinot Noir, Carignan and Shiraz.  I would not have expected Grenache or Carignan to turn up in a Yarra Valley wine but here they are sidling up alongside Yarra staples such as Pinot Noir and Shiraz, and the result is mighty impressive.

The ladies mentioned the “…lovely colour…” as it provided red fruit and spicy aromas.  The palate is where it excited us most; I’m not sure how else to explain it but it seemed to be quite bold and have some presence about it.  Plenty of flavour was offered up thanks to ripe strawberries, red currants, spice and pepper.  There’s some texture yet a little bit of acid too, it’s dry and savoury, balanced, and the length is a pleasant surprise for a rosé.  It’s damn good!  Enough said.

Levantine Hill Website

Region: Yarra Valley, Vic     Price: $35     Source: Sample courtesy of Levantine Hill

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