2019 Salena Estate “ex-PRESS-ion” Shiraz

I always liked to be surprised by a wine, especially from a producer I am not familiar with. I have to say, it is moments like this that remind me just how much good wine is out there being produced by enthusiastic people for the enjoyment of others.

After pouring this wine, I asked myself, should I be posting a photo of the wine in the glass and not just the bottle? Gee it’s a lovely, glistening, deep dark red colour. It looks terrific as it sits in the glass. Also, as it was being poured, it was like it exhaled beautiful dark fruit aromas to tease the senses of what’s to come. The palate was a very pleasant surprise. It was rich, generous and flavoursome without going beyond the medium bodied spectrum. Juicy blackberries, plums and dark cherries fill out the palate, and on the finish there’s a touch of creamy oak poking through as do the smooth tannins. For a young Shiraz, this is nicely balanced, very approachable and easy to drink already. Impressive!

Region: Barossa Valley, SA Price: $30 Source: Sample thanks kindly to https://www.salenaestate.com.au/ and https://savvycomms.ninja/

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