2020 Castle Rock Porongarup Chardonnay

And summer is here!  Yes, it usually means warmer days and evenings but, more importantly, an increase in the consumption of white wines.  Now, I know the term ‘white wines’ is all encompassing but when it comes to a versatile, any day of the week on the deck with a cheese platter type of white wine, you can’t go past a good Chardonnay.  Let me tell you, this is a very good Chardonnay that will fit the bill perfectly! 

This is going to sound odd but, when I smelt it, the aromas were quite subtle yet plentiful.  By that I mean there were stone fruits, a slight citrus note and creamy like aromas that were not shy, but also not in your face.  It said enough without saying too much. 

Drinking it was so, so easy.  Again, it offered up plenty for the palate without bombarding the senses.  Rich, terrific stone fruit characters get things off to a very good start, along with just a hint of refreshing lemon like acidity.  It feels creamy and textural on the tongue before the fresh, crisp acidity shows up again at the lovely finish.  For a wine so young, everything already seems in balance and, yeah, it will probably cellar in the short term but why bother.  It’s drinking beautifully now in readiness for this new summer season.

Castle Rock Estate Website

Region: Porongarup, WA     Price: $25    Source: Sample courtesy of Castle Rock Estate and Define Wine

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