2019 Pig in the House Organic Shiraz

What a ripper wine!  Gee I enjoyed this.  I’ll tell you what, if you served this up to friends who enjoy a good red and didn’t tell them the price, I reckon the majority would pick it being more expensive than it is.  Seriously, this has heaps of flavour, freshness and punch for a medium-bodied wine.  And it goes about it in a manner that is without pretentiousness too.  There is no way some big bad wolf is going to blow this pig house down that’s for sure.

A youthful, pretty red/purple colour in the glass, this wine has a lovely rich nose of a fresh juicy berry compote with a hint of pepper and spice.  It’s all primary fruit on the palate, no doubt about that.  Dark fruits, plums and ripe cherry freshness are all front and centre supported by subtle herbs and spices.  Yes, it’s rich but a vibrant rich instead of a heavy rich (if you know what I mean) and it’s mouth filling and smooth on a pretty good, persistent finish to boot.  This is great value!

Pig in the House Website

Region: Cowra, NSW Price: $25 Source: Sample courtesy of Windowrie Wines and Define Wine

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