Hastwell & Lightfoot ‘Fat and Skinny’ Pinot Grigio & Rosé

How good is it that summer is only a 27 days away. I don’t know about you but I tend to start scanning bottle shop shelves, checking out Instagram and looking at wine websites for summer wines that people are trying and/or buying. Yes, I realise people tastes are different but I can generally get a good idea if a wine is going to be what I like and am looking for. According to my wife, I have a pretty good ‘hit’ rate compared to a very low ‘miss’ rate. I’ve no doubt Pinot Grigio/Gris and Rosé will be very popular.

2019 Pinot Grigio

Quite fruity aromatically with pear and delicate citrusy notes. This doesn’t sound much but it is quite deceiving at this point. There’s a good amount of flavour that greets you on the first taste.  It’s gris/grigio for sure thanks to a good amount of pear flesh while a sprinkle of spice adds more interest as it finishes moderately long.  This is pretty good!

2019 Rosé

It’s all about strawberries.  On the nose and on the palate.  Delve a little deeper and up comes some floral like aromas as well.  Flavours wise you will come across red fruits (as well as those strawberry characters), there’s a little texture and spicyness but then a touch of harsh acidity arrives on a dry, slightly (surprisingly) tannic finish.  It’s an okay rosé but food will be its friend and saviour.

Region: Mclaren Vale, SA Price: $22 Source: Samples courtesy of Hastwell and Lightfoot and Define Wine

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