2017 Black Wines Mudgee Riesling

There are over 2,300 wine producers in Australia (according to 2019-20 data). Now, as much as I would like to, I doubt I will ever get to try a wine from every single one of them, and one of the reasons is, I’m unlikely to know a vast majority of them.  That is why it is always great to be introduced to a small producer clearly making some very nice wines.  I’ve been swapping wines for some time now, happy to introduce small, lesser known Tassie producers to those on the big island, whether they be a winemaker, vineyard owner, wine blogger or even a wine enthusiast.  Thanks to the latter, I was sent this Riesling (one of my favourite varieties) to try.

Quite subdued aromas to begin with but a bit of air and swirl and those typical Riesling aromas came out.  The palate proved to be very interesting indeed.  Everything about it at this point was delicate.  There was plenty of the lemon and lime flavours you’d expect yet so nicely delicate.  The refreshing and fine line of acidity that came with those flavours is so delightfully delicate.  The long, dry and mouth-watering finish also had a particular delicacy and refinement about it.  This was a wine that was never going to be an in-your-face type of Riesling, and I mean that in a good way.  It seems to go about its business without the fuss and bother yet in a very satisfying manner.  This Black is the new White on my Riesling list.

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $35     Source: Wine Swap (Cheers Simon)


Black Wines Riesling 2017 White Wine Mudgee New South Wales Australia
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