2019 Dr Edge Pinot Noir

Unlike its maker, this wine is quite pretty (in my defence, Pete Dredge would not like to be called pretty).  However, very much like its maker, this wine exudes character, substance and likeability (because of the red squiggly line underneath, this can’t be a real word, but it works for me).  Mr Dredge knows exactly how to treat Pinot Noir, knows how to bring out its best…especially when it comes to Tassie Pinot Noir.

Not huge aromatics but that’s fine with a variety that can be shy at times.  It’s a little perfumed, there’s some cherries, some herbs and it’s a little earthy.  It makes much more of a statement on the palate though.  It’s medium bodied, bright, fresh and juicy but there is certainly a dark fruit influence, even if red cherries seem to be the main fruit flavour I get.  I detect a whole bunchy character, a hint of dried herbs, lovely fine and silky tannins and very good length on the finish.  This is a very good wine combining elegance with difference.  It’s also deliciously moreish.

Dr Edge Website

Region: Tasmania     Price: $50     Source: Website purchase


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