2017 Yelland & Papps Vin de Soif

Two’s company, three’s a crowd. As it turns out, this phrase has been around for hundreds of years. Thankfully, it doesn’t relate to wine because, the number three in this ‘crowd’, if you like, is about 5% Carignan which perfectly complements the Grenache/Mataro couple that make up the bulk of this blend.  As a trio, they seem, I don’t know, personable and friendly, a greet-you-with-open-arms type of wine.  And it’s easy to want to spend more time getting to know the wine too…in a glass of course…drinking it…with company…even if there is a crowd of three!

Bright and fresh aromas of red cherries and berries kick things off very nicely indeed.  It’s also a little savoury but one thing that is unmistakable is how inviting it is. The palate is where you realise winemaker Michael Papps has hit a bullseye with the fruit combo.  Flavour, flavour and more flavour!  Gorgeous and juicy dark cherries with a lovely red fruit freshness (probably thanks to the grenache).  Some spice introduces itself to the mix as it lingers nicely on the palate for a good length of time.  Serve it up to your friends and you would struggle to drag them away from it. My advice, make sure you have more than one bottle at hand.

Region: Barossa Valley, SA     Price: $30     Source: Sample thanks to Yelland & Papps (Website)

Y & P Vin De Soif 2017

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