Yalumba Y Series Whites & Rosé

On a beautiful day recently, I took the opportunity to go out onto my deck and take in as much vitamin D as mother nature was prepared to give me.  Looking over my gardens, I was taken by the amount of activity there was.  Over a period of about 15 minutes, an abundance of small birds came and went that seemed to enjoy flitting and flying about the gardens.  Among them was a beautiful black and blue Fairy Wren moving between different plants so delicately and quietly.  Following close behind was a Jenny Wren which was rather plain in appearance by comparison but still a delight to watch as it moved around quite busily but with just as much elegance.   I must mention the two pretty Finches that decided to check out the place and, although they didn’t stay long, also added some lovely colour.  There were so many different colours moving about my garden and there were certainly some standouts.  Okay maybe some were not as attractive but still vying for, and worthy of, my attention.

It was pretty much the same when it came to these Yalumba Y series wines when they were spread across my dining room table.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to tell by my notes that there were standouts, and others that will still garner attention because of the sheer value for money they offer because, let’s not forget, these wines can be found for around a tenner.


Very good aromas that tell you it’s obviously Riesling.  The palate is such that you’ll be wondering why it’s regularly available for less than the RRP of $15.  Lovely, lively and fresh lemon and lime characters with a nice zing on the finish. I haven’t said much about it I know but the huge ‘Yum’ factor is there and can not be ignored.


The aromas are quite subtle with peaches, flinty characters and a touch floral maybe.  The palate is much more expressive.  The stone fruit/tropical fruit salad type flavours abound and combine with a creamy-like texture and subtle spice notes.  I tell you what, it has pretty good length too where a touch of acid finishes it off nicely.  This will bring the Chardonnay doubters back to the fold.


The pick of the lineup for me (I think the 2018 was my favourite too).  This is an excellent example of the variety at a ridiculous price.  Very aromatic, it’s floral and a little sweet smelling but wait until you try it.  Plenty of flavour that’s for sure.  Those familiar apricot characters dominate for me but there is a fruit salad of flavours in support too, it’s deliciously textural and it has a certain richness on the palate.  As you would expect for a young wine, the finish is fresh and vibrant and very moreish.  This is the wine to get people into the variety.  I loved this wine.

Sauvignon Blanc

It seemed a bit shy aromatically for me.  It was a little bit grassy, a little bit floral, a little bit citrusy, just a little bit of everything really at initial glance.  Totally different when it came to tasting and drinking it. Definitely fresh with some nice lemony notes. Herbal like characters (much preferred over grassy ones) with grapefruit/apple like acidity on the finish.  This will please the Savvy drinkers for sure.

Pinot Grigio

Apple and pear characters kick things off on the nose even if it was a little subdued to start with.  I have to admit, this was probably too cold to really appreciate it on first taste.  As expected, pear characters are the main player with spice like notes and a little sweetness seems to show itself on the finish and, on that note, it seemed to linger a little too.  A wine that is very easy to drink it has to be said and I reckon a lot of it will be.


Quite aromatic, you’ll find it’s slightly floral with typical strawberry and raspberry like characters on the nose.  Flavours of bright red fruits (think raspberries, strawberries and the slight sweetness of dried cranberries maybe) fill your mouth while it is delicate and flavoursome at the same time with texture as well.  It has a very good clean, fresh and dry finish but I must advise to not serve it too cold.  Another crowd pleaser for a pittance.

Yalumba Website

Region: Various, Australia     Price: $15 (regularly discounted)     Source: Retail Purchase

Yalumba Y Series Wines

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