2019 Robert Stein Dry Riesling

People who know me are well aware of the fact I don’t mind a chat.  It is also common knowledge that I don’t mind a glass or two of Riesling.  You can imagine my excitement when this Riesling arrived at my door.  So, I invited some mates around to try it (and another Robert Stein Riesling) and I was able to talk to my heart’s content about Riesling.  It was made easier by the fact that this is so very good and I had a captive audience who were happy to chat about it…and we did…for quite some time, and we could not fault this wine.  One thing we all agreed on, was the consistently high quality Rieslings Jacob Stein is producing.

Fresh and lively aromas of lemons and limes with a slightly floral element sneaking through.  The palate is pure, pristine and vibrant.  Juicy citrus fruits shine thanks to those Riesling favourites of lemons and limes.  The intensity of flavour hangs for what seems like forever on the taste buds until a slight touch of sweetness chimes at the long, crisp finish.  No wonder this wine has, so far, won two trophies and seven gold medals.

Robert Stein Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $30     Source: Sample courtesy of Robert Stein and Define Wine

Robert Stein 2019_Dry_Riesling_Gold_Web

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