2016 Patina Wines ‘Jezza’ Red Blend

I have been watching a television series all about building and/or renovating houses.  Very fancy houses too, I might add, and the end result is usually a very high quality.  The most recent episode involved the building of a lovely seaside home made up of a number of separate components that were different sizes and materials.  There was the largest section that was effectively the main component.  Then smaller components of various sizes were brought in and added to the main component.  As much as each component was smaller than the last, each part was integral to the final family residence.  Even the ‘one percenters made a big difference to a very polished and beautifully finished home. The other thing I noticed about the house was, when the builders came in and did their bit, all the components came together seemlessly.  You would not have even noticed the house was made up of bits and pieces.

This wine is similar.  Merlot is clearly the main component making up 75% of the blend.  As much as the other contributors, being Cabernet Franc (17%), Cabernet Sauvignon (7%) and Petit Verdot (1%) are in significantly less percentages than the Merlot, their contribution can not be underestimated or understated.  That’s right, even the smallest contributor, the Petit Verdot  was a valuable inclusion to the final resultant blend of this terrific wine.

It’s an amazing colour, just so dense and beautiful in the glass.  The nose is similarly captivating.  It smells rich and juicy, dark berries as the main player with blueberries, dark chocolate and just a hint of herbs.  This sounds so good I know but the palate is simply incredible.

Lush and complex flavours made up of an abundance of fresh berry fruits.  Blackberries, blackcurrants and blueberries, just to name a few, with what I thought was a freshness of raspberries having a little bit of a say.  Yes, there is plenty of fruit, but there is a savoury and spicy edge complemented by a smooth, creamy dark chocolate characteristic (this showed itself with more time in the glass).  As you would expect from a quality premium wine, the oak and tannins don’t miss out on proceedings, but the wine is so beautifully balanced they are but one of the many wonderful facets of this wine.  The finish is rich, long, lingering, persistent, sumptuous, mouth filling, suave and divine.  I could go on.  It is simply a very impressive wine, no question.

Patina Wines Website

Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $65     Source: Sample courtesy of Patina Wines and Define Wine


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