2019 Angullong Sauvignon Blanc

I had to have a little chuckle at myself when I sat down and started writing this review.  In the category section of my blog site, I went looking for ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ as one of the boxes to tick.  There wasn’t one.  You see, when my brother set up this blog site for me, I told him not to include a category for Sauvignon Blanc because, at the time, I simply wasn’t a fan of the variety and figured I wouldn’t be reviewing many if any.  So, in the nearly four years I’ve been doing this, I’ve actually reviewed more than I thought, even if it’s not that many, and there has not been a bad one amongst them.  I feel like I’ve cheated myself and let the SB drinking demographic down!

Very aromatic with passion fruit, fresh from the pod peas and mouthwatering hints of lemon citrus on the nose.  The palate is zesty and fresh with plenty of flavours from those aromatic characters I mentioned.  There is some lovely texture and good palate weight as it peters off to a nice, crisp, medium length dry finish.

NZ Sauvignon Blancs don’t hold a candle to Australian Sauvignon Blancs of this calibre at this price.  It’s a beauty and that means a lot coming from me.  It definitely deserves its gold medal and trophy it was recently awarded, and the little stickers should be proudly placed on the bottle for all to see.

Angullong Wines Website

Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $22     Source: Sample courtesy of Angullong Wines and Define Wine

Angullong Sav Blanc

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