2015 Levantine Hill Estate Mélange Traditionnel Blanc

Different, and many things make people happy regardless of their age.  My grandson smiles and loses his ability to speak when his mum buys him his favourite ice cream, my nephew wears a grin from ear to ear when he kicks a goal at footy and then there’s me.  Tasting and sharing a bottle of wine with family or friends is something that continues to make me happy.

My mother is getting on a bit in years and has some ailments that come with those years. Yet when I speak with her and visit her, she always seems happy with her lot regardless.  One of the pleasures she gets out of life these days is a glass of wine (or two) of a night.  Her circumstances are such that the quality of that wine can vary from one week to the next.  Each and every Sunday afternoon as part of our ‘family tradition’ (that I spoke about in this review) I take a bottle of bubbles and a white wine of which we share.

I had the pleasure of sharing a bottle of this wine with my mum.  The circumstances of doing so are quite interesting in itself I must say, but I’ll keep that to myself, sorry.  But her reaction was priceless.  With raised eyebrows, a bit of a cheeky grin and then the smile appeared followed by the words, “This has lots of flavour.  Oh mate, I like this.”

Great aromatic nose of tropical fruits and struck match.  The palate is rich yet delicate and fancy-like but not in a pretentious way, more of a you-deserve-this way, if you know what I mean.  There’s stonefruit (peaches and apricots) characters with subtle lemon influence as well.   It’s lovely and viscous, oily and creamy on the palate too as it eases its way to a slightly spicy, terrific, silky smooth and long finish.

Levantine Hill Website

Region: Yarra Valley     Price: $80 (Hurry, there’s not much left)     Source: Generous gift to my mum



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