2018 Golden Grove Estate Granite Belt Joven Tempranillo

When it comes to wine and food matching, from what I’ve been told and read, it’s about flavours and textures and all that sort of thing.  I’m not so sure it has to be an Italian wine with Italian food or French wine with French cuisine, or even Cabernet Sauvignon with lamb.  The reason I’m saying this?  Not through any planning at all, I had this wine with pork/veal meatballs and ravioli.  Spanish wine meets Italian food and it worked for me.

To get things started it’s all red fruits on the nose and they’re fresh and vibrant.  What I’d expect from something ‘Joven’.  It’s a lovely wine to drink.  Red cherries, juicy plums and a bit of dark fruit influence (maybe thanks to the 10% shiraz).  It seems a bit sweet/savoury in a good, balanced way which may be confusing, but you need to try it to know what I mean.  The wine is medium bodied enough and smooth on the palate to make it very desirable, thanks to the nicely done seasoned oak that has next to no influence.  It’s almost the same with the tannins except they try to be drying but seem to be attached to the juicy fruit as they danced together to a very satisfying finish. For a young style of wine it offers up plenty for the consumer to like.

Region: Granite Belt, Queensland     Price: $30     Source: Sample thanks to Golden Grove Estate

Golden Grove Estate Website

GG joven_tempranillo_bottle

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