2018 Golden Grove Estate Nero D’Avola

It gets pretty damn cold here in Hobart during the winter months, but temperatures can get even lower in Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt in Queensland.  Seriously!  As an example, about a month ago at 6.30 in the morning, it was -4 degrees in Stanthorpe compared to 10 degrees in Hobart (a rarity I might add).  When it comes to the warmer months, the gap is wider and massively in favour of Stanthorpe.

Nero d’Avola is one of the cool cats on the street at the moment.  There are a few examples floating around the Aussie neighbourhood (apparently 55 vineyards around the country) and I am yet to find a dud among them.  This one is a newbie to me and  I don’t mind admitting to keeping it all to myself (insert smiling emoji here).

Bright red fruits start the senses off making it seem so alive and inviting.  I do love this Italian variety.

The palate is full of flavour with slightly sweet darkish berries balanced by a subtle spicy tang of cherriness.  Medium bodied and so easy to drink, it seems to sit effortlessly on the palate, so much so you just don’t want to let it go.  The only reason you would swallow your first taste is knowing there is going to be another.  Tannins? Ha! Nothing to see here.  The finish is so smooth and long adding to the resultant delicious drink. Yes please!

Region: Granite Belt, Queensland     Price: $30     Source: Sample thanks to Golden Grove Estate (cheers Ray Costanzo)

Golden Grove Estate Website

Golden Grove Nero d'Avola.jpg


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