2019 Golden Grove Estate Granite Belt Vermentino

I’ve spoken to quite a few friends about the wines coming out of the Granite Belt and, not surprisingly, they were quite surprised to hear of the type of climate they have and how long they have contributed to the wine producing world.  I have to admit to being surprised about the alternative varieties they grow and bottle in the area.  If this example is anything to go by, Vermentino clearly thrives in the region, and winemaker Ray Costanzo knows exactly how to bring out its best.

I invited three of my wine mates over to try this for two reasons.  Firstly, because I know they don’t get to try wines from the sunshine state very often, if at all.  Secondly, it’s a variety that tends to not get much space on bottleshop shelves down here.

I’m going to get things started with a congratulations to the Golden Grove team on the new labels.  Very cool indeed.  I have to say (sorry guys), they are much more inviting than previous ones.

The aromas are very cool and inviting too.  Stonefruits and a slightly floral aroma are where this wine kicked off but the abundant flavours were what my mates and I were mighty impressed with.  Peaches and honeydew melon were the fruits to the fore for me, slight limey notes played a part and there’s like a spicy/savoury touch that I didn’t expect.  Nice!  A creamy ‘lees influenced’ textural dimension adds to the attraction of the wine, then acid doesn’t miss out on the show adding to the very persistent and long finish.

I’ve tried quite a few Vermentinos now and I could definitely drink a lot of this.  It’s a lovely wine.  Talk to your friends, family and work colleagues and order some of this in readiness for summer.

Golden Grove Estate Website

Region: Granite Belt, Queensland     Price: $30 (great value buying)     Source: Sample thanks to Golden Grove Estate (Ray Costanzo)

GG vermintino

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