2018 Lino Ramble Grillo

There are a number of Australian producers/winemakers out there who are satisfying my desire to try wines made from alternative varieties of grapes.  Thanks to Andy and Angela from Lino Ramble for finding and bottling this gregarious, yet humble Grillo.  In its native country, Grillo is picked late and bottled as Marsala. However, it’s now being made into a table wine thanks to the young progressive winemakers of Sicily who have seen the potential of this grape. Salute to them.

In my opinion, it is almost like the DNA of Chardonnay, Viognier and Pinot Gris has been mixed together then wrapped up inside grape skins, the result of which is an intriguing, complex and pretty cool wine.  It’s textural and viscous, with apricot, peach and pear characters  aplenty on the palate, a slight flinty note in there too and just a deft touch of acid.  It’s quite rich but lush at the same time providing lovely weight on the palate.  There is a very nice, sort of, grip on the medium to long finish that keeps the interest level high.  I must say, the group I served it up to all agreed it was, as the Italians would treat it, a definite food wine.  It’s like you want to eat more so you can drink more of this…in a responsible way of course (insert smiley emoji here).

Lino Ramble Website

Region: McLaren Vale, SA     Price: $30     Source: Generous gift (thanks Andy & Angela)

LR Grillo

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